I'm here to support you with any mental health challenges you are facing, I make it an easy and positive experience, ready to start your journey? Follow this link https://www.nonicroft.com/book-now

Here to help & make mental health easy

I help the helping professions create mentally strong, resilient and positive team members.

I have over 12 years of experience specialising in mental health counselling for Allied Health business; NDIS and Aged care personal carers and families. I specialise in helping veterinary teams and grief counselling for clients and dentistry teams and clients with phobias.

I support family businesses in the service and product industries who help the general public. Teachers, students and other mental health professionals who have high stress environments. I also have experience helping QLD Ambulance and Police force officers with trauma counselling.

I use a range of evidence based therapies that work best for individuals, their personalities and learning styles to ensure lasting recoveries and ongoing personal stress management techniques.

These include and are not limited to, energy psychology, emotional freedom technique, behavioural therapies, solutions based therapies and positive psychology, social skills and anger management training.

Workplace mental health is exceptionally beneficial for team members to overcome stress, heal relationship issues, resolve health problems, assist with pain and grief, and contributes to overall business success and productivity.

Whatever your team members or clients are struggling with I am here to help.

Investing in workplace mental health and having policies that help people talk and overcome events in their lives, adds so much value and increases morale.

Mental health counselling with me is available online or on location of your business.

Private practice is available for individuals, children and couples, find out more here.

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